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Yonder Mountain String Band - 12/31/06 Fillmore Auditorium, Denver, CO

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Show Notes

  • Entire show with Darol Anger on fiddle.

  • Sets 2 and 3 with Futureman on drums.

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  • Reviews

    zek  (4/12/2007 12:00:31 AM)

    the second set will blow your mind. more than you could expect.

    clint  (2/16/2007 11:10:59 PM)

    I can`t get enough of listening to this show, it just brings back so many good memories. I could have swore it was SCI on stage while the boys were playing Ewie. Overall amazing show

    wakawoooh  (2/8/2007 1:15:45 PM)

    Insane Good!!! Best GF is Better ever played it felt like, great Ebenezer, Steep Grade Sharp Curve was full of emotion, I don`t know, too much good stuff, just buy.

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    (2:08) BUY MP3 
    (3:49) BUY MP3 
    (:58) BUY MP3 
    Sometimes I've Won
    (3:29) BUY MP3 
    On The Run
    (6:37) BUY MP3 
    I'd Like Off
    (4:00) BUY MP3 
    Too Late Now
    (6:28) BUY MP3 
    Finally Saw the Light
    (4:35) BUY MP3 
    On The Run
    (4:44) BUY MP3 
    Rain Still Falls
    (4:36) BUY MP3 
    Romance Blues
    (6:20) BUY MP3 
    Steep Grade Sharp Curves
    (8:52) BUY MP3 


    (1:27) BUY MP3 
    Classic Situation
    (4:12) BUY MP3 
    (4:41) BUY MP3 
    Two Hits and the Joint Turned Brown
    (8:38) BUY MP3 
    Ewie With The Crooked Horn
    (10:15) BUY MP3 
    Cuckoo's Nest
    (6:20) BUY MP3 
    Eight Cylinders
    (4:35) BUY MP3 
    How 'Bout You
    (5:32) BUY MP3 
    Andre De Sabato Nuovo
    (9:16) BUY MP3 
    Winds on Fire
    (4:11) BUY MP3 
    Girlfriend is Better


    Countdown To Mindight
    (4:03) BUY MP3 
    Ooh La La
    (5:21) BUY MP3 
    King Ebenezer
    (11:09) BUY MP3 
    Midwest Gospel Radio
    (6:38) BUY MP3 
    Boatman's Dance
    (10:14) BUY MP3 

    Bolton Stretch
    (3:18) BUY MP3 
    Steam Powered Aereo Plane
    (6:02) BUY MP3