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Yonder Mountain String Band - 7/3/04 Rushmore Plaza Civic Center Arena, Rapid City, SD

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Johnny B  (10/15/2008 3:02:08 PM)

*my birthday - did I mention the 7 song acoustic encore???? Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

Johnny B  (10/15/2008 12:31:06 PM)

This show should read 7/2/2004. This is hands down the best Yonder performance I have had the privilege of attending. I know it was on 7-2-04 because it was birthday and I will never forget this sh MORE>

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(1:46) BUY MP3 
Shady Grove
(4:00) BUY MP3 
At The End Of The Day
(4:18) BUY MP3 
Head of That Woman
(2:49) BUY MP3 
Night is Left Behind
(4:21) BUY MP3 
Long Time
(3:34) BUY MP3 
Shenandoah Valley Breakdown
(4:51) BUY MP3 
Too Late Now
(6:45) BUY MP3 
Alone and Blue
(3:27) BUY MP3 
Crying Holy
(4:07) BUY MP3 
Big Spike Hammer
(4:36) BUY MP3 
Steep Grade Sharp Curves
(4:40) BUY MP3 
Looking Back Over My Shoulder
(6:59) BUY MP3 

(1:35) BUY MP3 
Another Day
(3:46) BUY MP3 
(8:06) BUY MP3 
It Takes A Lot To Laugh, It Takes A Train To Cry
(4:06) BUY MP3 


This Lonesome Heart
(3:56) BUY MP3 
Raleigh and Spencer
(7:38) BUY MP3 
Years With Rose
(7:05) BUY MP3 
Bolton Stretch
(4:40) BUY MP3 
Deep Pockets
(3:45) BUY MP3 
Only a Northern Song
(7:55) BUY MP3 
If You're Ever in Oklahoma
(10:11) BUY MP3 

Pan American
(4:28) BUY MP3 
Sharecropper's Son
(3:28) BUY MP3 
Going Up
(5:06) BUY MP3 
Troubled Mind
(1:55) BUY MP3 
20 Eyes
(1:45) BUY MP3 
Troubled Mind
(2:24) BUY MP3 
Tear Down The Grand Old Opry
(6:13) BUY MP3