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Yonder Mountain String Band - 4/10/05 Mystic Theatre, Petaluma, CA

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Show Notes

  • photo courtesy of David Licht

  • Martin Fierro of Zero and Legion of Mary on saxophone for My Gal through Dear Prudence and Picture in a Tear through Steam Powered Aereoplane

  • Reviews

    phlavor  (2/7/2006 3:36:38 PM)

    First off, that`s me and my girlfriend up in that picture. Holy crap I`m freaking famous! Secondly, what an incredible show, there is no saxaphone quite like a bluegrass saxaphone.

    Benjamin Doremus  (11/24/2005 4:17:53 PM)

    Oh WOW! Firstly, Big Spike Hammer, the vocals are great, dead on. The melody is key and the playing couldn`t be better. I only wish I was there. The song right after, Sharecroppers Son is one in a mi MORE>

    mike from Lodi  (10/6/2005 2:17:13 PM)

    There is a reason why I attend every Yonder show at this venue, what a beautiful little theatre and with people like David grisman living close you can see why its important to attend YMSB shows in P MORE>

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    Too Late Now
    (7:01) BUY MP3 
    Big Spike Hammer
    (3:00) BUY MP3 
    Sharecropper's Son
    (4:17) BUY MP3 
    Easy As Pie
    (3:52) BUY MP3 
    This Lonesome Heart
    (2:49) BUY MP3 
    Finally Saw the Light
    (5:40) BUY MP3 
    Hit Parade of Love
    (4:21) BUY MP3 
    Not Far Away
    (3:39) BUY MP3 
    My Gal
    (8:17) BUY MP3 
    Dawn's Early Light
    (8:00) BUY MP3 
    Dear Prudence
    (8:07) BUY MP3 


    Troubled Mind
    (1:53) BUY MP3 
    20 Eyes
    (2:10) BUY MP3 
    Troubled Mind
    (1:53) BUY MP3 
    Mossy Cow
    (4:15) BUY MP3 
    (9:22) BUY MP3 
    Long Time
    (5:02) BUY MP3 
    Picture in a Tear
    (4:22) BUY MP3 
    Mother's Only Son


    Deep Pockets
    (3:50) BUY MP3 
    Only a Northern Song
    I'm the Slime
    (8:04) BUY MP3 
    Jesus On The Mainline
    (10:14) BUY MP3 

    Steam Powered Aereo Plane
    (5:36) BUY MP3