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Yonder Mountain String Band - 2/25/12 Tennessee Theater, Knoxville, TN

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Show Notes

  • Andy Falco on guitar entire show replacing Adam Aijala
  • Kentucky Mandolin with Travis Book on bass
  • Cuckoo's Nest and 2 Hits and the Joint Turned Brown with Jeremy Garrett on fiddle

  • Death Trip with Chris Pandolfi on banjo

  • Up On The Whill Where They Do The Boogie through Raleigh & Spencer with Andy Hall on dobro
  • Come Together and Shady Grove with The Infamous Stringdusters


wtc  (2/27/2012 12:38:54 PM)

1 word: Sickfreakness!

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(1:18) BUY MP3 
Jesus On The Mainline
(7:24) BUY MP3 
Ain't No Way Of Knowing
(3:38) BUY MP3 
You're No Good
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Kentucky Mandolin
(10:06) BUY MP3 
Sideshow Blues
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(3:43) BUY MP3 
Long Gone
(3:47) BUY MP3 
This Train Is Bound For Glory
(5:05) BUY MP3 
Good Hearted Woman
(4:57) BUY MP3 
Cuckoo's Nest
(6:20) BUY MP3 
2 Hits and The Joint Turned Brown
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(1:49) BUY MP3 
Going Where They Do Not Know My Name
(4:02) BUY MP3 
Death Trip
(10:59) BUY MP3 
Rag Mama
(4:39) BUY MP3 
Loved You Enough
(2:45) BUY MP3 
After Midnight
(8:18) BUY MP3 
Shenandoah Valley Breakdown
(3:34) BUY MP3 
Country Boy Rock & Roll
(3:45) BUY MP3 
Sharecropper's Son
(5:03) BUY MP3 
Up On The Hill Where They Do The Boogie
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King Ebeneezer
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Raleigh And Spencer
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Come Together
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Shady Grove
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