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Yonder Mountain String Band - 12/31/03 Paramount Theater, Denver, CO

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Show Notes

  • Sing Me Back Home with Mark Spencer on lap steel and
    Jay Farrar on vocals

  • Peace of Mind with verses from In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida

  • Oklahoma with verses from After Midnight

  • Reviews

    Fred Jones  (9/14/2011 11:40:45 AM)

    This was a SUPER Awesome show

    Fred Jones  (9/14/2011 11:34:42 AM)

    This was an Awesome show

    Fred Jones  (1/5/2010 11:28:05 AM)

    This was a GREAT show

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    (1:40) BUY MP3 
    Another Day
    (3:25) BUY MP3 
    Deep Pockets
    (2:36) BUY MP3 
    Train Bound For Gloryland
    (4:28) BUY MP3 
    Little Rabbit
    (5:58) BUY MP3 
    Spanish Harlem Incident
    (3:09) BUY MP3 
    Sing Me Back Home
    (5:34) BUY MP3 
    New Horizons
    Two Hits and the Joint Turned Brown
    (6:15) BUY MP3 
    Peace Of Mind


    (1:28) BUY MP3 
    Just the Same
    (6:23) BUY MP3 
    End of the Day
    (4:31) BUY MP3 
    Happy New Year
    (2:01) BUY MP3 
    Dear Old Dixie
    (1:56) BUY MP3 
    Loved You Enough
    (4:22) BUY MP3 
    No Expectations
    (11:16) BUY MP3 
    Left Me In A Hole
    (6:27) BUY MP3 
    Romance Blues
    (4:18) BUY MP3 
    My Gal
    (6:15) BUY MP3 


    If You're Ever in Oklahoma
    Mother's Only Son
    (11:36) BUY MP3 
    Troubled Mind
    (6:57) BUY MP3 

    (1:13) BUY MP3 
    40 Miles From Denver
    (3:50) BUY MP3 
    Steam Powered Aereo Plane
    (4:53) BUY MP3 
    Let Me Fall
    (6:03) BUY MP3