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Reviews for Yonder Mountain String Band: 1/29/2010 The Tabernacle, Atlanta, GA

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   hillcountry girl  (2/10/2010 1:34:04 PM)

SICK show. Free to run opener takes off and doesn't stop till raleigh. Great crowd, great venue and positive vibe- a great show. LOVE IT!!!

PS- yonder PLEASE come south for new years- we will do you sooooooooooooo right if you do!!!!!!!

   rickp  (2/5/2010 8:05:49 AM)

First of all, I want it known that YMSB is one of my favorite bands ever, that Tabernacle is one of my favorite venues ever, and that's coming from a guy that grew up with a view of Red Rocks out my parents front window.

We were at this show and it rocked. Jeff mentioned possibly having the NYE run at Tabernacle this year and if they do, we are there! Yonder is perhaps the only band I know where the crowd is on their feet dancing from beginning to end and singing along with every song. Their shows are always fun and that's why I keep going back.

However, I have slight a problem with this recording. The first couple of tracks are way too "bass-y". The problem gets corrected, though, and sounds decent from there on. It also (to my ears) has too much audience in it. I've bought other releases of theirs from YMLive and most of them have sounded perfect, especially the monster Tabernacle show from 2007. But this one, sonically, just doesn't do it for me.

In the future I'd go 75% sbd and 25% aud, but that's just me.

Performance -- A+
Sound -- B


Download Yonder Mountain String Band 1/29/2010