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Reviews for Yonder Mountain String Band: 4/10/2005 Mystic Theatre, Petaluma, CA

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   phlavor  (2/7/2006 3:36:38 PM)

First off, that`s me and my girlfriend up in that picture. Holy crap I`m freaking famous!

Secondly, what an incredible show, there is no saxaphone quite like a bluegrass saxaphone.

   Benjamin Doremus  (11/24/2005 4:17:53 PM)

Oh WOW! Firstly, Big Spike Hammer, the vocals are great, dead on. The melody is key and the playing couldn`t be better. I only wish I was there. The song right after, Sharecroppers Son is one in a million and the vocals especially are right on. Great show guys! And another thing, I`d have to say my favorite is Only A Northern Song because it has all the right elements and even though the chords are "off key" they are right on. The jam part is worth the time and there should be more, I could hear it for hours. The rest is just as good, including I`m the Slime, which is an interesting pick for Yonder and only go to show how far they can reach. The Sax fits right in too. Thanks for making music that makes me look good to dance to. Maybe they`ll play in Rochester, NY?? :)

   mike from Lodi  (10/6/2005 2:17:13 PM)

There is a reason why I attend every Yonder show at this venue, what a beautiful little theatre and with people like David grisman living close you can see why its important to attend YMSB shows in Petaluma. Anyways, from the get go this show it, Different. It was a bluegrass at its best. Then when Martin Fierro from Zero came out it was unbelievabl...JazzGrass! If you people dont download this show your messed up. Greatness!

Mike from Lodi.


Download Yonder Mountain String Band 4/10/2005