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Reviews for Yonder Mountain String Band: 10/13/2005 Orpheum Theater, Madison, WI

Download Yonder Mountain String Band 10/13/2005

   Watson  (1/26/2016 9:42:43 PM)

Wow! Like a previous reviewer, this was my first Yonder show, but also my first Bluegrass/Jamband/Awesome show. What a wonderful memory. As everyone left the theater, on a cloud from the single mic Goodbye Blue Sky, we could hear the street erupting in an improvised street jam. There was one man with a hand drum surrounded by 100plus people banging road cones, construction barrels, street signs, or just hollering and dancing, my friend filled an empty plastic bottle with change and for a improvised sort of maraca. Nobody left until the police surrounded and then enter the circle. ABSOLUTELY AMAZING, music, vibe, experience. I thank everyone there for enriching my life!

   Will  (6/24/2007 10:17:46 PM)

This was my first Yonder show, got me hooked, now I can take it where ever I go, and its still my favorite show I`ev been to or even heard!!

   penny  (1/4/2006 2:55:52 PM)

Show was only offered up for free until 12/31 as noted on the home page of both yondermountainlive.com and yondermountain.com -Happy Yondering!

   Jared  (12/28/2005 4:24:49 PM)

This is an amazing show, both sets are spine-tingling good. thanks for the free-bee, can`t wait to see `em on New Years!!!

   Ross  (12/28/2005 12:11:18 PM)

This show was amazing, and I`m so grateful you have it up for download so soon. On top of that, it`s free...holy man...holy man...now I have some new tunes to ramble to.

   Aimee  (12/28/2005 8:39:34 AM)

Thanks so much for the free download. I`m just discovering the music, so this is such a great way to experience more. I am just lovin` the music! Great job!

   swt_rj  (12/28/2005 6:34:04 AM)

Thanks for the free post. I will definitely download more. Marketing at it`s finest. Plus, it`s a great set.

   Colorado Matt  (12/27/2005 9:42:21 PM)

Great Talking Heads Cover "Girl Is Better" "Keep On Going" sandwhich was sick! Right On Yonder!

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Download Yonder Mountain String Band 10/13/2005